Volcano Isle Fruit Company, Inc. (VIFC) is heading into its 25th year of marketing various fruits. VIFC mainly grows, harvests, and distributes papayas.

The owners of VIFC have not only been Hawaiian Papaya Growers for 25 years (1974), but have been industry leaders in the pursuit of the perfect papaya. We have been president and other officers of the Big Island Papaya Growers, President of the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association, Papaya Administrative Committee (PAC), Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Research & Development chairman, for over 6 years. The PAC is a Federal Marketing Order primarily marketing and research in the Papaya Industry.

VIFC is located in Kapoho. VIFC was originally known as KAPOHO GROWN, and we still market some of our fruit under that name.

We grow Rainbow papaya, Sun Red papaya, as well as other varieties of papaya. We also market Apple Bananas, Tangelos, Grapefruit, Tangerines, and coffee.